Top 5 Shooting Badges – NBA 2k22

This guide will let you know the top five Shooting Badges for Point Guards / Primary Ball-Handlers in the NBA

Table of Contents

    No 5

    The Hot Zone Hunter is placed at number five; this badge will give you a boost to any of the shots taken within a player’s hot zone. If you shoot in your hot zones without this badge will not help you at all. When you have successfully equipped this badge, the Hall of Fame will give you the largest boost throughout the green window; it is very useful at the gold level, as shown in the image below.  

    No 4

    The Stop and Pop badge is placed at number four, and this badge will give you a boosted rating on stand-still three-pointers after dribbling. To get and activate this badge, you have to pint your left stick in any direction that will start moving your player. You have to unhold of everything, and when your player is standing still, shoot the ball, and if the ball goes in the basket, this badge will activate. 

    You can see it on the upper right corner of the game screen; you will get a bigger boost when you get to the higher badge. The Stop and Pop badge is very useful for primary ball-handlers, and it can also be beneficial for the spot-up builds without using the right stick for the badge to trigger. 

    No 3

    Blinders badge is at number three; when you take the jump shot while the defender is closing out from the side, you will receive a lower penalty with this badge on. If you are unable to get it on the Hall of Fame, then you have to skip this badge, and if you are a shooter, then it is an essential badge for them, especially for the primary ball-handlers, as shown in the image below.  

    No 2

    The Mismatch Expert is placed on the second number. After forcing the switch, a player with this badge will succeed when shooting over the taller defender. If the defender is 4 inches taller, you can have upto 8 percent boost in your shot percentage at its peak. If the defender is 7 inches taller, then it will increase 13 percent boost, and if the defender is 10 inches taller, you can have upto 12 percent boost. You can also use this badge to Hall of Fame to win the game. The height of your player also play a great role in how high you should equip this badge, as shown in the image below.  

    No 1 

    The Sniper badge is placed on number 1; this badge gives you a big penalty when shooting early or late releases and gives you a boost when shooting early or late releases. It means it will not benefit you for bad timing but reward you for good timing, and you can also have this badge on the Hall of Fame if you only get gold badges. Then the gold sniper is also a good option. And if you know how to time your jump shot, this badge will give you a big boost whenever you shoot the ball, as shown in the image below.    

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