Unlocking Shakurel Planet Units – The Battle Cats

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Shakurel Planet Units in The Battle Cats. It will also provide you with the skills and abilities of the unit. 

You can buy these units with real money. They don’t sell cat units in this offer; it is more like selling cat food with cat units as bonuses.

Take a look at the price; that’s the closest cat food amount as a comparison. 

You will need $31.98 for 1080 cat food, while shakurel planet gives you 1200 cat food with $29.97. If you can’t buy them all, it is recommend to buy the lion one because it is cheap and useful.

You can use your debit card to avoid the tax of the Google Play gift card. Let’s unlock and upgrade those units! 

The dumbest thing from these units is a single target.

They might create a shockwave covering area attack, but the chance is relatively low, about 20 percent.

All these units might create a level 1 Shockwave that can reach up to the 332.5 range. Shakurel Lion has a 10% chance of doing critical hits Shakurel. Tiger has a 30% chance of breaking the barrier. 

While, Shakurel Panda has a Zombie killer ability.

Panda is the worst unit, even if he deals the highest DMG and has the highest HP.

Moreover, the damage is a little low to fight what’s the Cat Zombie in the late game.

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