Top Education Related Games (Hidden Gems)

Over a thousand games are released on a daily basis, it’s nearly impossible to try all of them, that is why we have curated this list, we have included some very high-quality education-related games that will keep you and your kids busy for a very long period of time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Learning & Coloring Game for Kids & PreschoolersAndroidFree
Timeflow: Time and MoneyAndroid$4.99
StudyGe – Geography, capitals, flags, countriesAndroidFree
Matching Game:Object & ShapesAndroidFree
Multiplication Table IQ / Times TablesAndroidFree
Long Division Calculator – Long MultiplicationAndroidFree
Animals for KidsAndroidFree
Science 8AndroidFree
Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGOAndroidFree
Chemistry gameAndroidFree
Surfing the waves – FreeAndroidFree
Math GamesAndroidFree
Pilgu’s Math RunAndroidFree
Tens Frame SnapAndroid$1.03
NinGenius Music UltimateAndroid$4.99
Dual N-Back TrainingAndroid$0.99
MathLand Full Version: Mental Math Games for kidsAndroid$2.99
ABC Memory GameAndroidFree
Halloween – Coloring & GamesAndroidFree
Kanji Memory Hint 2 [English]AndroidFree
ThinkAnalogy Puzzles 2Android$3.99
Action Words: 3D Animated Flash CardsAndroidFree
Hue Game – Brain Training – Play with your lightsAndroid$1.99
Assassins of the SeaAndroid$1.99
Duel: fun, fast mental math facts games for kidsAndroid$7.99
Yash Math Adventure ElementaryAndroid$2.99
Division Math (kids math) freeAndroidFree
Matix | For serious mental math achieversAndroidFree
Anatomix – Human AnatomyAndroidFree

Learning & Coloring Game for Kids & Preschoolers

This virtual Coloring and Drawing Book can help your child explore their creative side and have unlimited fun at the same time. It helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. Kids can choose from various coloring pages from different categories like Animals, Birds, Vehicles, Underwater Animals, Toys, Dinosaurs, Unicorns etc.

Timeflow: Time and Money

You can make a career, buy real estate, run business, be a blogger, play on a stock market, get additional education, network, and carefully plan your time for all of it.

StudyGe – Geography, capitals, flags, countries

This game will help you to remember location of countries, their capitals and flags. You can train your memory and memorize information about countries. Studying world map with this app will allow you to improve your knowledge of geography and also do a good brain training.

Matching Game:Object & Shapes

Matching game is an application for learn alphabets and alphabets with picture. It also helps students kids to learn shapes.

Multiplication Table IQ / Times Tables

The “Multiplication and Division Tables” application was built based on algorithms that adapt the questions to the child’s current skills. Times Tables adapts the learning intensity, focusing on the mathematical operations the child has the most difficulty with.

Long Division Calculator – Long Multiplication

The calculator implements all basic operations between a pair of numbers such as: long division. long multiplication. long addition. long subtraction. You can see all the details of the operations (including carries, e.t.c.) step by step. You can choose to use a variety of algorithms for long division (US and UK method, European method, Latin America method e.t.c.) or you can let the app choose the method that is used in your country. You can also change the language. The app is suitable for both teachers and students.

Animals for Kids

Along with your kid, you can enjoy a variety of activities that will help them learn the animals and their sounds, all while practicing their cognitive skills (such as perception, attention, memory and visual processing) without even realizing it!

Science 8

These are a few tools for helping visualize middle school science. I spent a year volunteer tutoring middle school (grade 8) science students. While doing that, I created an app with a few simple demonstrations and practice tests to help them. The modules included were those that illustrated or helped practice the concepts my students had trouble either understanding or remembering. The test module contains every test the students took.

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Puzzingo is one of the most entertaining puzzle game that you’ll ever encounter, do you have a kid that loves to solve puzzles, if yes, then your kid is going to love Puzzingo. Puzzingo make education fun. Puzzingo supports many languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and UK English. It’s a terrific puzzle game that can help in your kids brain development. Over 8 million families play this game, it’s a must try app!

Chemistry game

Chemistry game is an interesting and very addictive puzzle game. This is sample chemical game with periodic table elements. Swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same chemical element touch, they merge into one tile with a chemical element that is next in the Periodic Chart! Join elements and make Na tile! H+H->He, He+He->Li etc

Surfing the waves – Free

Now you can free test In the waves of Surf, a super game Yupi Play!

Math Games

Free math games for primary school and high school children. Math games is beneficial for 1st grader, 2nd grader, 3rd grader, 4th grader, fifth grader, sixth grader, seventh grader and eighth grader. Math games is for KS1 kids , KS2 kids, KS3 kids, KS4 children and KS5 children

Pilgu’s Math Run

Help Pilgu with the adventures in the world of numbers. Master the different levels, solve the tricky addition, subtraction and multiplication tasks and get all opponents out of your way. And while you are collecting awards, you are perfecting your math skills by the way.

Tens Frame Snap

Tens Frame Snap is an educational card game aimed at teaching the fundamentals of Mathematics. Similar to the classic game of snap, in Tens Frame Snap players must “snap” pairs of cards when they match the goal.

NinGenius Music Ultimate

The only music mastery app for band and orchestra instrument featuring NOTES, FINGERINGS, RHYTHMS & THEORY. An unlimited number of students can make their own profile and customize their ninja’s looks! Let our ninja master test and motivate your piano, string, brass, woodwind, and percussion students to conquer the essentials of music notation, including key signatures and accidentals. Fingering graphics also include appropriate ALTERNATE FINGERINGS shown in red.


“The years pass but these stars do remain.” Join Cece and James as they live out their lives under the night sky in Stargazing.

Dual N-Back Training

Dual N-Back Training is a professional brain training game. Unlike many other brain training exercises the dual n-back training has been shown to also have positive effects on other brain activities. This was confirmed by a number of scientific studies.

MathLand Full Version: Mental Math Games for kids

Math Land is an educational video game for children and adults. With it they will learn and obtain reinforcement for the main mathematical operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is not just a math app—it’s a real educational adventure!

ABC Memory Game

ABC Memory Game. English Letters Memory Game with sound. English Alphabet memory game with sound. An easy way to identify English alphabets. Interactive learning to memorize the ABC alphabets. English alphabets. Interactive way to memorize and learn the English alphabets. Interactive English learning app for kids.

Halloween – Coloring & Games

Parents and children will be able to display all their creativity by coloring, drawing, painting and decorating their works with a variety of Halloween stamps and other categories such as “Nature”, “Vehicles”, “Toys”, “Sweets” and “Animals ” The possibilities are endless.

Kanji Memory Hint 2 [English]

Study kanji the fun way using mnemonic pictures and check your understanding with two types simple of games!

ThinkAnalogy Puzzles 2

ThinkAnalogy Puzzles is a fun, engaging app that helps students truly understand the basis of an analogy. These activities develop razor-sharp analogy, vocabulary, word analysis, and comprehension skills for the highest academic and test performance.

Action Words: 3D Animated Flash Cards

We make 3D Animated Flash Cards that bring action words to life. Make learning simple action words fun and easy with our set of 45 words. Our flashcards are made with high-quality 3D animation that illustrates each action.

Hue Game – Brain Training – Play with your lights

It’s time to use your Philips Hue lights to the max! In these interactive brain games your lights will take over control and determine your overall game play experience. Pay attention to the state of the light(s) in your room, while training your memory, attention and concentration. Three different brain games can be connected with your Philips Hue lights with in total almost 100 levels of increasing difficulty. All games focus on color, so pay attention to the color of your Hue lights and be aware that your lights can change their state unexpectedly!

Assassins of the Sea

Silent assassins of the sea, cone snails use venom delivered through a needle-sharp tooth to attack their prey. Cone snail venom toxins are powerful enough to paralyze a large fish- or kill an unwary person. Yet in a surprising twist of nature, deadly venom toxins can become life-saving drugs!

Duel: fun, fast mental math facts games for kids

Drills with math facts is fun with Duel, the monster math game that helps kids practice over 70 math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, Fractions, decimals and division. And this, with a multiplayer game play, either with the computer or with another human player.

Yash Math Adventure Elementary

A very unique elementary math game that encourages kids to practice and improve their arithmetic skills, while taking Yash (our little math genius) into an incredible math quest!

Division Math (kids math) free

Practice division math with this app. It is fun to practice. Lots of fun!! Very good for elementary school students.

Matix | For serious mental math achievers

Matix is your one stop mental math training solution! It’s powerful, has an easy interface and great challenges. With daily training, you will see results fast and discover your inner math skills. No matter if you are looking for challenging math games or want to train and improve mental calculation in a specific area, this is the right app for you. Download it now for free and start your mental maths success adventure!

Anatomix – Human Anatomy

Anatomix is an educational tool designed to help you learn the anatomy of the human body. It has different levels and it allows you to adapt the content to each student, which makes it work for all ages.

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