Tower Of Fantasy ALL Aesperia Chronicles Locations

This guide will provide you with all the Tower Of Fantasy Aesperia Chronicles locations.

First up is the Astra Shelter, you can find it on the map by looking at the broken rocket and the tower it’s not too far from the fast travel point. You can find this one probably early on in the game and it doesn’t take too much time and effort.

All you have to do is approach the investigation point. It will take a snapshot for you and then it’s recorded in the chronicles.

Next is the Mega Arena location, the story takes you here but you can find it just by the football field.

And you will find the story objective there, you have to grab it on the way.

Next is the Northern Ring. You can find that one here on the map, it’s sort of overlooking that big tower thing, but not too far from the fast travel point in the starting location.

You have to make sure to interact with the point.

The next one you can find is the Ring of Echoes, you’re probably better off approaching from the Astra cemetery that way you can fly across and get on top of the pillar. Then if you take the photo, you’re good to go.

The last one is the Tomb of Thorns location. It is a little boss battle, you can find it on the map, it’s overlooking the tomb

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