Trunks BnB Combos & Basics Guide | DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

This guide will provide you with the Bnb Combos and Basics of Trunks in Dragon Ball Fighterz Season 3.5. 

Trunks’ buttons are pretty standard, Not much to say here, except:

2L and 5L are almost identical, but 2L is better for poking.

5LLL switches the sides on both blocks and hit; it is important for the sparking 50/50.

All sword attacks can deflect weak projectiles, but the time frames are very small.

5S and jS are not beams, but will pierce through the weak projectiles.

Shining Slash (236x, air ok) overhead slash, L and H Versions are safe on the block.

While the M version is +2, so the enemy can’t mash out. The grounded L and H versions are not considered airborne, so they cannot be 2H’d.

The aerial L and H versions have the same range as grounded, but the Aerial M version will track your opponent.

Cyclone Flip (214x, air ok), A command jump, 214L flips half screen forwards, 214M backward. You can only use it once in the air.

The H version will flip forward by default, but you can adjust the directions by using your stick/D-pad. The inputs will be shown behind 214H in the annotations; for example, 214H987 means after 214H quickly input.

Masenko (2356s)

Yellow kamehameha.

Change the future (214s), it is a free neutral move, deflects ki blast, covers a vast area, and has beam properties.

You can also hold S to feint. It was Goku’s turn to play in season 2.

Basic Safe Capless Blockstring.

Apart from opening your opponent up, your goal as Trunks is to connect a 236M reset pressure, as it’s a plus on the block. It isn’t so easy, as the enemy can 2H your 236M.

That’s why you have to use 236L or 214s, too, since they will beat 2h attempts.

It does not reflect proof, though, so mix in a feint 214s too.

You have to use your shining slash before 2M. 2M is your only low, so using it first means the enemy can block high safely.

Here’s a block string flowchart for Trunks.

Here’s why Trunks is so scary with sparking; canceling his auto combo into a jump leaves him on the same side.

It sets up an easy 50/50, where you either js from the front or 236s from behind.

You can convert off of it easily, too, and even come out meter positive after vanishing.

Confirm 236s.

Midscreen BnB

4185/3737 scaled/+1 bar.

Cyclone flip extension\4505 dmg/3907 scaled/ +0.5 bar.

You have to use 214L instead of a meter; add this for more damage.

Level 3 midscreen ending in j214H>jMH results in you landing behind the enemy and grabbing them.

Mid screen side switch

4185 dmg/ 3737 scaled/ +1 bar

It is incredibly easy and useful.

Mid-screen side switch using 214H; if you missed the opportunity to 214L, this route works too.

Mid-corner Ex flip

51% dmg/ 4122 scaled/ +0.3 Bar

For scaled use..>jM2HjcLLS>j214L>js>j236L.

Corner BnB simple

5153 dmg/4127 scaled/ +1.4 bar

For scaled use…?jeLLs> J214l>jS>j236L.

Corner BnB optimal

5253 dmg/ 4187 scaled/ +1.4 Bar

For scaled use …> jM2HjcLLS>J214L>JS>J236L

Medium Autocombo version, you can get the corner bnb from much further away by using 5MMM. It will change the future and get different properties; you will have to end in j236L.

Vanish confirm

2312 dmg

To get a knockdown, you need to end in jcLLs>j236H.

Vanish side switch

2412 dmg

It is the same as before, …jcLLs>J236H for a knockdown, alternatively.

Vanish meterless knockdown 

2110 dmg.

Vanish Air extension

-100 damage more than DR.

Super dash confirm.

2115 dmg/ +0.5 Bar.

Super dash confirm Ex flip

2805 dmg

214H876, it keeps you on the same side.

Super dash confirm ex flip side switch

2805 dmg

While just 214H87 switches sides.

2H punish

3415 dmg/+0.8 Bar.

Dragon Rush Route

2992 dmg/ +1.5 bar

Assist combo example 1 (Gohan B/Vegito A)

5566 dmg/+1.8 Bar.

Assist combo example 2 (Base Vegeta A/Beam)

5576 dmg/+1 Bar.

Let’s go, everyone; you won’t lose to someone who can’t even win neutral.

A new foe has appeared, challenger approaching.

3.5 Bar Tod (Bardock B/ui goku A)

7 Bar limit break tod.

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