Unlocking the Unforgivable Curses Fast – Hogwarts Legacy

The three Unforgivable curses are quite deadly and powerful. Every player wishes to unlock them as they provide a dominating upper hand in combat. These are considered to be among the most dangerous and powerful spells in the Wizarding World.

Sebastian Sallow, a Slytherin student, teaches all three curses. The Unforgivable Curses are unlocked following Sallow’s optional Dark legacy questline. This side-quest appears after completing the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” main quest. Keep in mind to check your owl post for messages from Sebastian Sallow. Opening these messages leads to these side quests becoming available. These Dark Arts quests are named ” In the Shadow of…” This guide walks you through the things to look out for on your journey to mastering the Dark Arts.

Crucio Curse

The Crucio spell is the first of these Unforgivable curses available to you. Also known as the Cruciatus curse, this spell causes the target intense, excruciating physical pain. This spell is unlocked in the dark legacy quest “In the Shadow of the Study.” The player needs to be at least Level 16 to accept this quest. If you’re waiting for Seb’s owl after the Hogsmeade quest, try upping your experience to get to level 16.

Remember to check Owl Post regularly to open side-quests

Imperius Curse

Also known as the Imperio spell, this devastating spell causes enemies to fight for you, attacking other enemies and cursing them with each successful hit. This spell is unlocked in “In the Shadow of Time.” After acquiring the Crucio curse, do 2-3 side quests inside and outside Hogwarts to trigger an owl post from Sebastian, asking you to meet. Remember that you must be Level 17 or higher to play this quest. Also, remember to keep checking your Owl posts for letters. The Imperio quest is available quickly after acquiring the Crucio curse.

Level up by doing the other side quests to gain XP

Avada Kedavra

The Killing Spell inflicts lethal and devastating damage on enemies

Known as the Killing spell, this spell instantly kills the enemy when cast. There’s a long period between acquiring the Imperio curse and Avada Kedavra. Before acquiring this curse, players must be at least Level 27 or higher with the game-recommended Level 28. This curse is available in the quest “In the Shadow of the Relic.” This lethal spell takes a particularly long time to acquire, with a recorded 10 hours of game-time between Imperio curse and Avada Kedavra. Players can finish the game’s main storyline by Level 25. If you want to incorporate the spell before finishing the main storyline, I’d suggest picking and acquiring all the Field Guide Pages in and around Hogwarts. You can also find them outside of Hogwarts; they’re the best method of increasing your XP quickly, considering the time spent.

Capture the Field guide pages to increase your XP quickly

That’s all from this guide. For increased affinity to the Dark Arts, utilize the Dark Arts Talents to significantly increase the effectiveness and range of the Unforgivable curses