Where to Farm Aya in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know where to farm Aya in Warframe. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to farm Aya. 

You can first go to get Aya by running bounties on any planets with open worlds, Earth, Venus, and Deimos, but certain bounties have higher chances to drop Aya than others. 

On Cetus, the specific bounties you will need to run are either of the two bounties that are levels 30-50 or 40-60, with 40-60 bounties having a higher chance to get Aya throughout the different stages overall. So if your gear is good enough, it is recommended to run the 40-60 bounties. But if you don’t want to run the 40-60, then the 30-50 still has a decent chance to drop Aya from the different stages.

The same rule applies here as it did with the Cetus bounties, except that the Cetus bounties have a slightly higher chance at giving Aya than Fortuna bounties. But it’s up to you, whichever ones that you choose to run.

The next method of getting Aya is not very reliable; you can use it if you have a lot of standing built up with factions that you haven’t used yet.

The next method of getting Aya, while nota very reliable one, you can use if you have a lot of standing built up with factions that you haven’t used yet.

If you have a surplus of standing with syndicates, you can use the standing to buy relic packs, and you have a chance at getting Aya from the void packs instead of void relics. 

If you don’t want to run bounties, you can get Aya from running certain missions in the Void. The main mission recommended to run in the Void is Mithra; it is an interception mission that has a chance to drop Aya on every round/rotation, with the C roatian having the highest chance to drop Aya. 

It will be ridiculously hard to get unless your luck is bad; it’s going to take you a few runs before you start to get Aya.  

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