Which One You Should PULL ? – Xianyun Vs Nahida Vs Xiao Vs Yae miko – Genshin 4.4

In this guide, players will find valuable insights into the characters Xianyun, Nahida, Xiao, and Yae Miko in Genshin Impact version 4.4. The guide delves into each character’s unique playstyle, elucidating their distinct abilities and attributes, and providing players with a thorough understanding of what each character brings to the table.


Xianyun is a buffer who also can heal. She can give a plunge attack ability to any character that allows you to deal a huge amount of damage. She is an attack-scaling character as most of her talents work on attack. The ultimate’s duration is 60 seconds and it allows her to buff and heal at the same time. It costs 70 energy.

When you use her ability in the first passive, all party members will gain one stack for 10 seconds. When you hit opponents, all members will gain a 4% crit rate. The second passive is for the plunge attack, when you use her ultimate, it will increase the plunge attack based on your attack. You will also get a shockwave extra damage which will assist you during the ultimate. Overall Xianyun is a good character for plunge attackers only.  


Nahida is a catalyst user who deals dendro damage. She plays the role of a sub-DPS even when she is not on the battlefield. She can use her skills to attack eight opponents at a time. Her ultimate buff works on pyro, electro, and hydro. The hydro increases the duration of your ultimate, while electro decreases the skill interval. The Pyro gives you a damage bonus. Nahida gives her buff during the ultimate to deal more damage.

One passive of Nahida is only dedicated to Element Mastery which will give you a damage bonus and crit rate. It will increase the Element Mastery of active characters by up to 25%. She can apply dendro to most of the teams. Nahida also has the resistance to interruption that allows you to tag enemies. Her ultimate lasts for 15 seconds and it costs 50 energy.

You can use her skills in two different ways; hold and press. In press, you will get a 5-second cool-down time. While in the Hold method, you will get a 6-second cool-down time. Overall, Nahida is one of the best dendro support characters in the entire game.

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Xiao is an anemo damage dealer who deals Aoe damage with his plunge attacks. There are many supporting characters to increase his damage but they are so expensive. Xiao only deals damage with his ultimate that’s why he is always craving for some energy. The ultimate costs 70 energy and you can use the the skills twice.

His HP drains out during the ultimate and you will need a healer for this. Xiao is a good damage dealer for multiple enemies. His ultimate passive gives you a 25% damage bonus for 15 seconds. This is the best attack and you have to use it again and again.

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Yae Miko

Yae Miko is another catalyst user who provides electro damage. Her skills and the ultimate provide the maximum damage. She casts her skill three times that deals electro damage. The ultimate cost is 90 energy but it plays an important role in targeting enemies. You just need to place three turrets nearby and they will deal damage for 14 seconds.

The cooldown time is 4 seconds. In the normal attack, Yae Miko hits enemies three times and deals electro damage. The element mastery increases her skill damage, it is very helpful for the dendro reaction. Yae Miko’s skills are very easy to use and she can even target the enemies at a long range.

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Nahida is the strongest dendro character who can immensely boost your account. Yae Miko should be your second priority because of her electro application.

Xianyun has the least team options and the healing mechanism is also not sorted yet. Xiao is only recommended to players who like plunge attackers