Mycological Investigation in The Chasm World Quest – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you how to trigger and complete the Mycological Investigation world quest. We need to have at least 8 Starshrooms for this world quest.

Do note that you need to complete the Chasm Spelunkers world quest in order to unlock this world quest.

Location No.1-2

Teleport to the Glowing Narrrows southeast waypoint, head southwest, and descend to a lower altitude.

Location No.3

Go to the left, and you’ll find the next Starshroom.

Location No.4

Now, move right and go to the top hill to find the next one.

Location No.5

After that, move left and then go into the water, you’ll find the next one there.

Location No.6-7

Move backward, and keep going straight to find the next Starshroom, after that go through the water and continue straight to find the 7th Starshroom.

Location No.8

Talk to Khedive

After you have collected 8 Starshrooms, teleport to the Glowing Narrows southeast waypoint and talk to Khedive to complete the world quest.