Wing Breakers – Controls Guide

Wing Breakers is a game of pure air-fighting adrenaline. You will encounter all kinds of planes, drones, and animals on your way to victory. To win, you’ll need to beat them all with perfect timing and incredible skill for dodging missiles. You have to become a hero of Wing Breakers. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Wing Breakers.

Turn LeftLeft ArrowPress Left Arrow to Turn Left
Turn RightRight ArrowPress Right Arrow to Turn Right
Nose DownUp ArrowPress Up Arrow to Nose Down
Nose UpDown ArrowPress Down Arrow to Nose Up
ThrottleWPress W to Throttle
BrakeSPress S to Use Brake
BoostQPress Q to Boost
Fire GunsEPress E to Fire Guns
Fire MissileRPress R to Fire Missile
Rolle 360SpacebarPress Spacebar to Rolle 360
Knife Edge 90 LeftAPress A to Knife Edge 90 Left
Knife Edge 90 RightDPress D to Knife Edge 90 Right
Rudder LeftZPress Z to Rudder Left
Rudder RightXPress X to Rudder Right
In Plane ViewF1Press F1 to In Plane View
Left View1Press 1 to Look at the left side
Right View2Press 2 to Look at the right side.
Back View3Press 3 to Back View
RespawnBackspacePress Backspace to Respawn
Smoke / ExtrasShiftPress Shift to Smoke / Extras
ChatTPress T to Chat
Enter / OkayEnterPress Enter to Enter / Okay
Escape / Back / PauseEscPress Esc to Escape / Back / Pause

Gamepad Controls

Turn Left / Turn Right / Nose Down / Nose UpLeft StickPress Left Stick to Turn Left / Turn Right / Nose Down / Nose Up
ThrottleRTPress RT to Throttle
BrakeLTPress LT to Use Brake
BoostAPress A to Boost
Fire GunsXPress X to Fire Guns
Fire MissileBPress B to Fire Missile
Roll 360 / Knife Edge 90 Left / Knife Edge 90 RightRight StickPress Right Stick to Roll 360 / Knife Edge 90 Left / Knife Edge 90 Right
Rudder LeftLBPress LB to Rudder Left
Rudder RightRBPress RB to Rudder Right
In Plane ViewD-Pad UpPress D-Pad Up to In Plane View
Left ViewD-Pad LeftPress D-Pad Left to Use Left View
Right ViewD-Pad RightPress D-Pad Right to Use Right View
Back ViewD-Pad DownPress D-Pad Down to Use Back View
RespawnBackPress Back to Respawn
Smoke / ExtrasYPress Y to Use Smoke
Enter / OkayAPress A to Enter
Escape / BackBPress B to Escape
PauseStartPress Start to Pause
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