Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Sun Jian Boss Tips

This guide helps to beat Sun Jian boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. To defeat this boss, you need to level up your morale rank and then use the following tactics.

Morale rank

You must collect all the battle flags to get your morale rank up to 25, and the Qi farm was about eight to ten levels above the recommended level for this mission. You will have two companions running with you in this one.

It is recommended to level up the morale rank to 20 or above. You can take down the enemies sitting outside the boss room to build up your morale rank.

Fighting tactics

This massive demonic tiger will not attack that much with fatal strikes. During the fatal attack, his entire body glows red and deals a lot of damage to you.

There are two segments of the boss fight, he will just do some normal attacks in the first half. But in the second half, the boss will make a couple of extra aggressive moves. Defend his attacks, be patient and deal damage when possible. You will need to use your Divine Beast and take advantage of your companions.

There’s nothing special about this boss. It’s quite a simple boss battle. You can defeat him by following the tactics discussed above.