10 Rarest and Most Unusual Things in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find a detailed discussion on Baby pink sheep, Modified Jungle Edge Biome, Dragon eggs, Desert well and many more rare items and structures in the game. We will describe the purpose and usage of such things. Go through this guide and catch all the details below. 

Baby Pink sheep

Baby pink sheep is one of the rarest sheep in the Minecraft game. You will find this sheep only 0.0082% in your world.

While you can spawn your own by breeding white and red sheeps together.

There is one more way to get baby Pink Sheep. You can color any baby sheep pink to make a baby pink sheep. 

Modified Jungle Edge Biome

Modified Jungle Edge Biome is the most unique kind of biome in the Minecraft game. You can use this biome between two regular jungles in order to blend them. It will cover 0.00027% of the entire map. 

Dragon Egg

Dragon eggs are very rare because you will get only one in a world. You can get a dragon egg by killing the dragon for the first time. Dig the ground under the dragon egg and place a redstone torch there.

Drop the egg on the redstone torch and then pick it up. 

But if you think you can get one more egg by spawning a dragon and killing him again, you won’t! After getting one, you make hundreds of them with duping. 

How Did We Get Here?

This is a very unique and interesting advancement in the game. The players have to apply all 26 effects at the same time to get this advancement. These effects include resistance, glowing, jump boost and many more. 

Naturally Activated End Portal

This rare seed helps the players to spawn near the broken portal and the village. There are 12 frames in a Naturally Activated End Portal but there’s only 0.0000000001% chance to be filled naturally. 

Desert Well

Desert well is a very unique structure in the Minecraft game. There are very few chances to see it, and if you manage to find a desert well in your world, then you can consider yourself lucky. 

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