Top Ways To Defeat And Kill The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

The ender dragon is a very dangerous boss that has got the ability to fly and she is one of the largest mobs in the entire game. 

This guide will let you know how to enter the end and kill the healer. And also brief you the best possible method to kill the ender dragon. You can collect loot after bringing the ender dragon down. We will discuss some certain tips and tricks that come handy when fighting the dragon. It is just the right strategy by using which we can defeat dragons easily. You have to follow two steps mentioned below to defeat the dragon.

Entering The End And Destroying The Healers

Before starting fight let’s look some stats:

Ender dragon health 200 (hearts/heal points * 100)

Dragon Attacks And Damage: 

If she hits any entity by its head then it causes 10 hearts damage and if with wings then destroys five healing points, by breath she destroys three hearts and by spitting fireballs she destroys six hearts.

When you enter the portal for the very first time, start destroying the healers with bow. There will be long beams healing the dragon.

After that when you enter the end then you will notice many endermen there. They will attack you straight away when you look at them by accident. You have to kill them at a fast rate or one way to fight them is to make a roof and go under it, so that they cannot see you.

But a much easier and efficient way is to wear a carved pumpkin overhead to survive against them. They won’t attack you when you wear it like you aren’t present there. Even if you go close to them. 

This pumpkin may block a lot of vision but there is one solution to this problem, you need to download a texture pack that removes the pumpkin blur and equip it in settings. Click on option tab and then resource tab, you will see resource packs range in the next window. Load no more pumpkin blur pack from the list.

You will see no more pumpkin blur after that and still no endermen will attack you.

Now start destroying healer crystals. Use bows and arrows to shoot crystals

You can see that crystal blows up when it gets hit. You can also hit eggs and snowballs if you don’t have a bow. 

You can also shoot the crystals with the cages by going near the pillar. Remove all crystal beams one by one with these methods.

You can also climb up the pillar to hit the crystals to blow them up. Use concrete blocks one over another to elevate yourself to the crystal. Make sure there are some blocks between you and crystal so that it does not do too much damage.

Make a bar in front of you after reaching at top and hit the crystal to explode it.

To elevate yourself you can also use water, if you run out of blocks. And always keep a bucket of water with you. It can help you in many situations!

Killing The Dragon And Collecting The Loot

You can turn on the hit box of the dragon to know where to hit it. Press F3 plus B to do so.

Dragon after we have destroyed all healer beams.

Always look to survive the breath of the dragon.

Hit at sensitive parts of the dragon to kill it fast.

You can see you can do pretty good damage when you know what you are doing by moving control to every part of the dragon. 

Let’s see the actual dragon killing methods now.

The most common method to damage the dragon is to use your sword and bow. But these are not the fastest ways to kill the dragon so let’s look at other methods.

Among the best methods, one of the methods is to use beds to kill the dragon. Place a bed near the dragon’s head, a block between and right click the bed.

You will see a sudden explosion. You will see this method will do a pretty good damage to the dragon.

You will see dragon disappearance in a few moments.

Now look at another method to kill the dragon with beds. When you see that the dragons start to land, run in the middle and place down a bed. When the dragon gets close enough, blow the bed up and keep doing it.

Always aim for the dragon’s head when blowing up the beds. Never let the dragon set to the base, just keep exploding beds. And when you run out of beds just use your sword to keep attacking the dragon by going right under the dragon.

That’s a pretty fast method, when you master the timing, you will be able to kill a dragon with just four beds. And you will see the dragon’s disappearance.

Crystals can also do a lot of damage to the dragon. Place crystals under the dragon just like we placed beds and explode them whenever a dragon comes close to it. Keep in mind the dragon’s health bar also to make sure which attack would be good at what times. And make sure you don’t blow up yourself though. You will see the dragon’s disappearance in a few moments.

Now let’s see the proof and a summary of the concept, that why you don’t even need to use any armor to kill the dragons. Start by taking out the healer towers with a bow. Once all the crystals are destroyed, start focusing on the dragon. You can hit the dragon while she is flying but it is better to hit her when she is sitting somewhere and hit her from behind her so that she can’t see you. Just keep doing it and be careful doing that. Also use beds when you have a chance, like whenever she comes back to sit on her place. Be active to put the bed at her place and explode it when she comes close to sit on it. And finish her off with a sword. It is not hard to kill dragons by these methods.

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