5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Endermite – Minecraft

This guide will let you know five things you didn’t know about the Endermite in Minecraft.

Table of Contents

    Purple Silverfish

    Endermiters look like purple silverfish; the model is now changed to today’s one. 

    Despawn within 2 Minutes

    No matter the distance to the player, endermites will despawn within 2 minutes after spawning. It won’t happen if the endermite is named with a name tag.

    Ender Pearl

    Using an ender pearl has a 5% chance of spawning an endermite.

    Similar Names

    Though sharing similar names, endermen and endermites are far from friends. Endermen will try to kill the ender mates spawned from ender pearls. 

    Endermites Suffocate

    As with silverfish, endermite will suffocate on top of soul sand, among other blocks. The slight sinking that happens when standing on soul sand is enough to cover a big part of the endermite. 

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