6 Glitches and Duplications That Still Work in Minecraft Bedrock

In this guide, you’ll find the top glitches in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

1. Wither Rose Dupe

Start by placing some dirt. Place a wither Rose on the bottom dirt block. Place snow on the bottom block. Place a stone button on the back of the wither rose. Remove the dirt block below the wither rose. You should have a ghost block right now.

The last step we have to do is right-click on the top dirt block. As you can see we now have 2 wither roses.

2. Lightning Glitch

It has to rain in order to make this glitch work. You also need a trident with the channeling enchantment. Make a simple Redstone clock using observers.

The arrows should face like this. Place a sticky piston next to the observer.

You can use a lever as an on/off button. Throw your trident.

3. Break Bedrock Glitch

Place a cauldron below a bedrock block. Put 2 powder snow buckets in the Cauldron. The bedrock changes into snow and you can remove it easily now.

You can go through the nether roof using this method.

4. Potion farm

Place a cauldron and put any potion you like in it. Go on top of the cauldron and build up by 3 blocks. Make a little cage just. Put a full water block source in the hole.

Place a pointed dripstone in this position. Wait for the cauldron to fill up. Can take some time. Get yourself empty bottles after the cauldron is filled up completely.

Empty the cauldron by right-clicking with your bottles. As you can see we got 3 potions while we only put 1 in. The best thing is, you can do this with every potion.

5. Beacon Duplication Glitch

For this duplication glitch, you will be needing a beacon. This glitch only works on the pocket edition. Get some stackable items and right-click on the beacon. Spam tap on the items you want to dupe. This glitch is really simple to do.

6. Potato XP Farm Glitch

This Potato XP farm can get you up to level 200. It’s very easy to make. Put coal in the smoker. Put potatoes on your top chest.

Place a lever so you can lock the smoker. This makes it easier to pick out items. After 9 stacks of potatoes have been baked you can begin starting collecting XP. Collect the potatoes 1 by 1.

Keep collecting them one by one. You will keep getting XP.