All Weapons in Days Gone

In this guide, you will find the details of all the weapons featured in Days Gone. It will provide the specifications of these weapons, including damage, ammo capacity, and more.

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    Weapon NameDescription
    Fire AxeFire Axe is a melee weapon in Days Gone.
    Lawn Mower MacheteThe Lawn Mower Machete is made up of a lawn mower blade. It is a melee weapon in Days Gone.
    SledgehammerThe Sledgehammer is a melee weapon in Days Gone.


    Weapon NameDescription
    C8 RifleC8 Rifle is a military-grade semi-automatic sniper rifle. It is very useful for taking precise shots at a greater distance.
    M14M14 is a gun that is limited to semi-automatic fire, and you can unlock it from the Lost Lake gun merchant at trust level 1.M14 has high accuracy and firing speed.
    M40The M40 is a rifle that has massive damage, stopping power, and its range is also very good. But the slow rate of fire of M40 is pretty slow.
    Rock ChuckThe Rock Chuck is an assault rifle that you can unlock by clearing all Marauder Camp quests. The players can use it to kill the enemies quickly. Rock Chuck has a built-in suppressor. 
    SAFSAF is based on the Russian AKM assault rifle, and it is a primary weapon in Days Gone.
    SSRSSR is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, it is one of the best weapons for frenetic combat encounters. SSR has a very good fire speed.
    Talon 7US556 is a weapon that you can unlock at the Hot Springs camp at trust level 3. It is very effective for medium to long-range. The starting ammo capacity of US556 is 35 rounds.


    Weapon NameDescription
    Drifter CrossbowDrifter Crossbow is an improved version of a standard crossbow. It has different bolt types, and the bolts are affected by gravity.


    Weapon NameDescription
    Boozer’s ShotgunBoozer’s shotgun is very effective in dealing with small groups of Freakers due to its high damage. Boozer’s Shotgun is the first primary weapon to be obtained by Deacon.   
    Crowd breakerCrowd breaker is a double-barreled shotgun in Days Gone. It has a huge ammo capacity, and the players can unlock it from the Lost Lake gun merchant at trust level 3.
    LiberatorLiberator is a semi-automatic weapon in Days Gone. It is likely based on the real-life Benelli XM1014, and has high damage. 
    Lil’ StubbyLil’ Stubby is a unique shotgun in Days Gone. There are three types of Lil’ Stubby in the game, and it fits in a hip holster.
    RSF60RSF60 great pump-action shotgun in Days Gone. RSF60 is based on the TOZ-19 shotgun and has a decent damage and fire rate.


    Weapon NameDescription
    9mm9mm is a Deacon St. John’s default pistol in Days Gone.  It only comes in Junk condition.
    Beretta 92FSThere are two versions of the Beretta: an all-black model and a reverse two-tone model with a stainless steel frame, and a black slide.
    EliminatorEliminator is a handgun in Days Gone, you can one-shot kill Freakers using it. You can unlock it from the Wizard Island gun merchant at trust level 2.
    Glock 34There are many Glock 34s on walls, and tables at gun merchant shops and holstered on Deschutes County Militia members’ tactical vests.
    Lil’ StubbyLil’ Stubby is a shotgun in Days Gone. It has three types, one is Level 1 – Junk Condition, one is Level 3 – Average Condition and the last is Level 4 – Military Spec Condition.
    PDWPDW is one of the best pistols in Days Gone, it is a very rapid firing speed and high accuracy weapon.
    SAP9SAP9 is one of the best handguns in Days Gone. You can get SAP9 from the gun merchant upon visiting the Hot Springs encampment.
    SMP9SMP9 is an automatic sidearm in Days Gone. You can use SMP9 for one-on-one encounters.
    TranquilizerThe Tranquilizer is a limited use weapon provided by Sarah to subdue a Newt. Condition: Level 1 – Junk Condition.
    .22 Repeater.50 BFG is a “one shot, one kill” weapon in Days Gone. .50 BFG has a rapid-fire rate, large clip, and minimal recoil.
    2×42×4 is one of the melee weapons in Days Gone.
    Baseball BatThe Baseball Bat is one of the melee weapons in Days Gone.
    Boot KnifeThe Boot Knife is a piece of equipment. The Switch It Upskill will help you to deal twice the damage.
    Frag GrenadeFrag Grenades are weapons that you can find throughout the world in Days Gone. 
    Light MGLight Machine Gun has a large magazine capacity, but it has low accuracy.
    M50 ReisingM50 Reising is a weapon in Days Gone that has a high accuracy for ranged encounters, and also has a high rate of fire. 
    MATADORMATADOR is a man-portable rocket launcher, but it is unusable in Days Gone.
    Metal BatMetal Bat is one of the melee weapons in Days Gone.
    MG45MG45 is a special weapon in Days Gone, which is very popular amongst NPCs. MG45 has a very high rate of fire.
    MG55MG55 is a special heavy machine gun in Days Gone. You can get the upgraded magazine after defeating 85% of the total hordes. MG55 has very low recoil.
    Molotov CocktailMolotov Cocktail is one of the thrown weapons in Days Gone.
    MWSMWS is a primary weapon that you can use at close to mid-range.
    PPSH-41PPSH-41 is SMG, and a primary weapon in Days Gone. PPSH-41 has a decent ammo capacity and rate of fire.
    Ripper ClubRipper Club is one of the melee weapons in Days Gone.
    RPDRPD is a light machine gun in Days Gone. Whenever you start fighting a horde, RPD will be your starting weapon.
    StingerStinger is a submachine gun in Days Gone, it is based on the CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1.
    SWAT 10SWAT 10 is an SMG, and a primary weapon, that has decent accuracy, and rate of fire. SWAT 10 doesn’t deal much damage as compared to other weapons.
    Unknown NERO WeaponUnknown NERO is a handgun in Days Gone. Unknown NERO is not quite efficient to use in the game.

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