ARMS Tier List

ARMS is a fighting sports game being released worldwide in 2017. There are a total 15 playable fighters available in the game and some of them are downloadable. All the characters have got great fighting and dodging skills. There is a spring in the arms of the fighters that allows the arms to extend and attack the opponents.

You can attack your opponent with extended arms while staying at a distance. The Rush attack deals massive amounts of damage to the enemies. ARMS game gives you the feature to play against your friends or other players sitting all over the world. ARMS is a very popular 3D fighting game that is specially designed for Nintendo Switch. 

The ARMS game features 15 fighting characters. Ten characters are free and they will be available at the start of the game while the other five fighters are downloadable. Each one of them possesses unique abilities like punching, throwing or dodging. They have got extended arms to knock the opponents down.

Tier S


Tier A

Min Min456A
Byte and Barq454A
Ribbon Girl450A

Tier B

Kid Cobra450B
Master Mummy441B

Tier C

Spring Man440C
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