Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Maxwell Review

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is borrowing one of iconic characters from Brave Frontier. Maxwell is the God of Creation. She has an extraordinary strength that you can have after you’ve finished the Trial of The Creator event happening tomorrow November 18, 00:00 PST until November 24, 23:59 PST. This is the second half of the FFBE x Brave Exvius collaboration.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Brave Frontier are both mobile RPGs marketed by Gumi.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Maxwell

5 Maxwell

HP: 3035
MP: 136
ATK: 162
DEF: 108
MAG: 92
SPR: 93

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

6 Maxwell

HP: 5043
MP: 177
ATK: 212
DEF: 140
MAG: 122
SPR: 123

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: +50% Light Damage

Name Effect MP Level Learned & Rarity
Nemesis 180% AoE 1 Hit Physical Attack 17 11 [*****]
ATK +30% Boosts users ATK stat by 30% 32 [xxxn]
Genesis 180% AoE 1 Hit Light Physical Attack & 30% Blind/Virus 24 41 [ ]
Reincarntion Cast Self Heal (ST ^4800 HP + lx Mod per turn) 73 [
Sacred Song Self 3 Turn +80% ATK/DEF & Self 3 Turn Auto Revive with 80%
24 80 [*****]
Overseer of Reincarntion Recover 5% MP per turn + LB fill rate +150% _ 1 [rnm]
Rune 210% AoE 1 Hit Light Physical Attack & AoE Stat Buff
24 21 [******]
Man Slayer +50% Physical Damage to Human type enemies. _ 50 [*****1
God of Majesty (?) +50% Light Resist 62 [
HP +30% Boosts users HP by 30% 75 [ ]
Breath of Genesis AoE All Aliments Cure + AoE protection against aliments for 1
35 94 [ ]
Destiny 200% ST 1 Hit Light Physical Attack + Ignore 50% DEF 45 100 [******]

FF Brave Exvius Maxwell Strengths:

Maxwell will definitely thrive in the Arena. She has great support when you use her status ailments. Finally, Man Slayer allows her to crush many human enemies you will face.

What’s very important to Maxwell is her Auto Revive ability. When she dies, she’ll get revive with around 80% of her health back. If you have a healer on your team, you can focus your healer on healing other characters through out your battles. Maxwell will be safe.

Trust Mastery Award: Power of The Creator (Materia): ATK/MAG +30%
Limit Break: 270% AoE 33 Hit Light Magic Attack -> 390% AoE 33 Hit Light Magic Attack

FF Brave Exvius Maxwell Weakness:

While she is great in Arena environment, her impressive Light ability can be countered by one popular character – Cecil. Also, if the enemy you will face has resistance to light damage, it will also prove problematic for you.

Lastly, if you prefer, you can get some benefit from Maxwell (Light) and Elza (Dark), a character you can also get from the ongoing Brave Exvius X Brave Frontier Event.

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