Time And The Wind Quest Guide – Genshin Impact

Check out this guide to complete the Time and The Wind quest in Genshin Impact and find a way to get to the Nameless island. 

You have two choices to get there. The first one is that you will need to go to the Starsnatch Cliff; if you have venti and about 208 stamina, then you can glide there as well.

Venti will help you to glide longer but you will need a lot of stamina. 

The second method is not quick, but it is still effective; you can ice freeze the water and slowly walk over it. You have to bring two cryo users and use the wind to help push the ice to speed up the things.

Once you are done, you need to go to the south beach and there is a little camp and rock with a shovel near it. Now you have to switch to the rock breaker user and break it to get a quest item. It will give you information to trigger the Sundial.

After that, you have to make your way to the Sundial and set the time to 2 am or close to it. There are three or four wind orbs that you have to get. The first one is right behind the Sundial; you need to use your elemental vision to see them. 

Now you have to jump behind the Sundial under that platform. Climb up to the top, and you will find the first near the little wind spirit. You have to use the wind attack or the magic with R2, which will trigger three more. 

These are not too hard to find. You can see a chest down there when you look in the water. So you will need to collect it. 

After that, you have to go to Sundial, use the vision again, and you will see a that goes up to the pillar. These lines will lead you to the next three orbs that you need to break.

Now go back to the top again and break it with the wind magic. There is another one down to the north side or maybe northwest beach; you have to head down over there. And again, use your wind magic to break it.

After that, you will need to head back to the south beach. After getting there, you will find the little glowing thing in the distance near the dead ruin guard in the water and the other one against the rock. You need to break it with your best shot.

And if you are venti, there’s no need to get to the water; you can do it at a range. Once it’s broken, a little wind storm will appear near the Sundial, and you have to go there.

The boss spawns level 40; if you are not ready to take a fight, then step back and come back later. 

You have to get back to the center, and you will see a big shining orb there, break it, and then the boss will spawn. Fish is very effective here as compared to others. You can use the lightning and then combo that off your fire, water, or ice. 

Archer is an excellent choice and a healer as well. It is the easy part of the fight, and you can get it down to about 25%, then he will retreat. Now there will be a bunch of wind jets that you can follow; if you can’t beat him here, then you can’t beat him in the next phase as well. 

Once you get him low enough, he will retreat, and it will spawn some wind jets and send you back to the mainland. And if you need anything else, just get now because there is no war point.

Heal up, and follow them to go near a thousand wind temples. You will find another Sundial there, and you have to set the time to 2 am, as shown in the image below.   

Now again, you have three wind orbs, and each time you break a window orb, they will spawn wind jellies, wind slimes, etc. So you need to kill them before you start the boss fight.

You will find them all around you, break them and use elemental vision if you cannot see them.

Once it’s done, you will find a big wind orb. It is recommended to eat some food, have more defense, make more attacks and get a wind-resistant potion. He will have extra enemies, you need to counter them. Sometimes he will spawn a wind wizard that shoots tornadoes at you, so you have to instantly deal with them.

You have to kill fishing like a shot. So what happens next is you can see all these tornadoes. If you don’t deal with the wind wizard and at this point, you are already committed, and you have to luke. If you focus, you can finish the boss and if you don’t, then destroy the ads first.

After completing the quest, you have to go back to Henry, and he will let you know the rewards you have achieved. 

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