God Eater Online is officially out in Japan, February 12, 2017. The mobile game’s story will be the continuation of God Eater 2 Rage Burst. It is an MMORPG developed in a 3D world where users can interact with co-players online. A bunch of epic features is included like enhancing the God Arcs, etc.

This featured article will guide beginners on how to play the game. Together with this, we will include other God Eater Online related contents for users to check in the future.

Tips on Playing God Eater Online

Take time to reroll:

If you want to stand out early, pull the best weapons available in the game. God Eater Online allows players to get the useful weapons from the very start. How? By rerolling.

Pull Rate:

Weapons/Items – 5★ 0.1%, 4★ 0.7%, 3★ 2.5%
Avatar (Costume) – 5★ 0.5% ~ 1.2%, 4★ 0.8% ~ 2.3%

Though there is an avatar (costume) banner in the game, we strongly recommend that you focus on pulling weapons and much important items first.

Learn the GEO’s Avatar Status:

Power – Increases the melee attack power.

Skill – Increases the shooting power.

Mind/Spirit – Increases OP’s max value, attack power and automatic recovery rate of OP.

Physical Strength – Increases HP’s max value and ST’s automatic recovery.

Intelligence – Increases the amount of weapons you can carry. Unlocks other items such as traps.

Luck – Increases the Critical Rate, XP acquisition value and Item Drop Rate.

These symbols are the ones you need to remember now. In order to make your avatar strong, you need to use the Personal Ability Point (PAP) to upgrade any of these.

To access window in the game, go to MENU → ステータス (Status) → ステータス強化 (Status Enhancement). From there, you will have this screen below.

Level Up Your Avatar:

Knock down the monsters and devour each of them to gain experience. In God Eater, doing this move is a must. This is for your avatar to collect needed experience to level up.

There are ways to level up your avatar wisely. First is the Story Mission and the second one is getting Orders (missions) in the plaza. There are various Aragami Missions available in the game. Take these to help you level up your character quickly.

Play the Story Mission up to level 10. Once you reach this level, you can go to the plaza to accept quests to further advance in the game. Join parties while accomplishing quests. With this, you can discover a lot of great places for you to hunt monsters and level up later on.

Focus on Increasing your Luck Stats:

Increasing your Luck will boost your critical rate, item drop rate and the most important thing, the XP rate. Focusing on this one will help you level up quickly. GEO offers the Reset Feature for players to re-evaluate their avatar’s overall ability. Use this feature once you feel you need to do so. Check the images above for future reference. This will help you big time if you are deciding early on what stats to focus on later on the game.

Take Orders to Level Up:

In the first part of this guide, we mentioned things about the orders you can take from the NPCs inside the plaza. Check the best recommendation in each level below:

  • Level 1 to 10: 灰暮の市街 – City of Ashes

Gather experience in this place as you team up with other players who are hunting Aragamis. Playing solo in this area is also fine.

  • Level 10 Up:Shiyuu Subjugation Order – シユウ討伐オーダー – Level: Intermediate

Find a party in this quest to continue leveling up. Playing solo in this order is kind of difficult. So joining parties is a must. Party: Recruitment Bulletin Board

  • Level 10 Up:[Ruins of the Fate] Congo Ogretail「因縁の廃墟」コンゴウ・オウガテイル

After reaching level 10, the order to defeat this Ogretail is now recommended. Play and form a party with other Level 10 ~ players to easily finish the quest.

  • Level 15 Up:Congo Subjugation Order – コンゴウ討伐オーダー – Level: Intermediate

Aim to create a 4-person party in this quest. Your team will be helping each other to quickly collect experience to level up. Running solo around this quest’s target Aragami is not recommended.

  • Level 20 Up:[Labyrinth’s Laboratory] Ukonvasara / Zygote 「常闇のラボ」ウコンバサラ・ザイゴート

Starting Level 15 onwards, having a party during quests is necessary. Head to Labyrinth’s Lab once you reach Level 20. Look for a party and hunt down this monster to accomplish the quest. The recommended weapon in this quest is your avatar’s Gun. Make sure to have a good grip and control to it!

  • Level 30 Up: [Dark Green Building]「深緑の廃棟」

Once you reach Level 30, form a party and head to this place. Look for Dreadpike (ドレッドパイク), the area’s Aragami you need to eliminate. Its color is Dark Green and is said to have longer health and stronger skills. Teaming up with stronger players is a must.

Boss Images:

Shiyuu – Aragami

Congo – Aragami

Quick XP Quest – Recommendation:

For players who want to level up quick in a certain mission, you can choose Chapter 3 – Stage 10 Quest: Around Urovoroth (ウロヴォロス周回). The boss’ HP in this quest is relatively low causing you to quickly finish it in a shorter time. Repeat the quest and gain XP swift! Note: This mission is suggested by game8.

Collect and Save FC (In-game Money):

In each game, in-game money is involved to upgrade different things. In GEO, various situations will ask for FC so gathering a lot of them is necessary as early as today.

You can collect FC by clearing missions from the story mode, accomplishing orders and by selling harvested items. You can acquire these from distinct missions. Items are either a reward or loot.

Gather as much Oracle Cube:

Oracle Cubes are used to pull items/costumes in GEO. Having them stored in your account is necessary. Pull your needs based on your priority using these diamonds. If you need weapons/armors, go ahead and try your luck. If you want your avatar to be cool or funky, access the avatar’s banner and pull costumes. Be wary that developers will always roll out new items for a limited time. So saving these is truly a must.

You can collect free Oracle Cubes from login bonuses, special quest accomplishments and server concern issues. Developers are kind enough to distribute free diamonds if there are problems occurring in the game. Last but not the least, through spending real money. You can check the shop to know how much a bunch of Oracle Cubes is available.


Soon we will be updating this deck if we found helpful tips, tricks and guide in playing God Eater Online. Bookmark this page to know more God Eater Online related content in the future!

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