GTA 5 Online Short Trip Mission Guide

In this guide, you will learn about different short-trip missions that can be accomplished to get in-game awards. Three short-trip missions such as Seed Capital, Fire It Up, and OG Kush can be completed to get unique rewards and money. You can follow all the related tips mentioned below to execute these missions conveniently and quickly.

  • You will need to complete these missions as Franklin or Lamar. To play as Franklin in the short trip missions, you must be the host. To play as Lamar, you need an invitation from the host.
  • First, visit the Record Day Studios location on the map and go to the right side of the door. Find the green Corona ring, which serves as the smoking room and the launch point for these missions.
  • Access the missions by interacting with the green Corona ring within the smoking room at Record Day Studios.
  • Access the interaction menu and locate the options related to the short-trip missions. Invite another player to join and launch the mission from the smoking room.
    You can adjust the difficulty level from the default Normal to Hard.
  • Note that you cannot change the difficulty level using the game’s Mission menu.
    Changing the difficulty level from Normal to Hard increases the payout. Typical payouts like $50,000 will increase to $62,500 when played on Hard difficulty.

Seed Capital

In this section, we will take you through the steps to complete the first short mission “Seed Capital” to earn in-game awards.

  • Inside the smoking room, you need to invite a friend or a random player through the Mission menu. Initiate the first mission called Seed Capital and begin with a brief introduction to DJ Pooh.
  • After that, visit the studio, where you’ll experience a jam session and Lamar’s freestyle.
    After returning to the smoking room, a cutscene will happen. Inhaling serious gas triggers a transition where you start playing as both Franklin and Lamar. Your characters momentarily pass out, and the gameplay switches to controlling Franklin and Lamar.
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  • Now visit the LD Organics location that’s under attack by the Vagos and engage in a shootout to defend LD Organics against the attackers.
  • Even a chopper might join the action. Once the initial shootout is resolved and all enemies outside are eliminated, return to the front of LD Organics.
  • Enter the building, proceed inside the weed lab, and eliminate remaining adversaries to clean up the area.
    Chop, the dog, will join the action and help by engaging in combat.
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  • You have to utilize the shelves to load up on ammo and weapons. While in vehicles, ensure you hover over your snacks to access the interaction menu for quick access to snacks and armor.
  • After Franklin and Lamar clear out LD Organics, they can enter the stolen Vagos van.
  • The Vagos driver overhears them, alerting the rest of the Vagos gang and a shootout ensues from the back of the cargo truck while traveling.
    The journey takes you to a familiar location where the battle continues.
  • Your objective is to acquire the keys to a box truck containing valuable weapons, including an assault rifle. After that, engage in combat with enemies.
    Keep in mind that on harder difficulty levels, it will be more challenging.
  • The driver on the roof possesses the keys. Eliminate him, retrieve the keys, and proceed.
    Upon obtaining the keys, a cutscene initiates where Franklin and Lamar reclaim their vehicle.

Fire It Up

This section describes how to complete the second short mission called “Fire It Up”.

  • Return to Record Day Studios and enter the smoking room to begin the next mission called Fire It Up.
    Trigger through a cut-scene that allows you to play as Lamar and Franklin. The mission centers on Lamar seeking revenge after the Vagos attacked his lab and your objective is to hit back at the Vagos’ base of operations alongside Franklin or Lamar.
  • You have to arrive at the Vagos’ base, initiate action by taking out the guards outside, proceed inside the lab, and follow the mission’s theme by setting fires.
  • Locate blue gas cans at the back of the lab and use the gas cans to pour fuel over the plants and create a trail leading to setting the fire. Eliminate the valuable bushes in the lab as part of Lamar’s revenge and exit the lab after completing the mission objectives.
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  • Expect an ambush waiting for you after exiting the location and prepare to face Vagos retaliating against your actions.
  • Encounter Vagos attackers; engage in combat to take them out.
    There will be enemies, including a gunner on a 50 and a technical vehicle.
  • You have to take down the gunner and the driver of the technical vehicle. Deal with a pursuing chopper that joins the combat and focuses on eliminating the chopper threat.
  • Aim to slow down enemy vehicles by targeting their drivers, and utilize the firepower of the mounted gun to quickly dispatch both enemies and vehicles.
    Enjoy the intensity and excitement of the combat scenario, utilizing the available resources to handle the adversaries.
  • You need to proceed to the next storage location belonging to the Vagos and eliminate the guards stationed there. The objective is to finish off what was started previously and dismantle the entire Vagos operation.
  • Focus on destroying the younger plants in this location to disrupt the Vagos’ production capabilities.
    The plants in this location are less mature.
  • Burn these younger plants to significantly impact the Vagos’ production capabilities.
    Note that destroying these younger plants might take a bit longer compared to the mature ones encountered earlier.
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  • After that, head towards the van parked behind the Yuga Classic at the rear side of the lab. Enter the van and initiate your escape.
  • You need to choose between using the railroad tracks or taking the road to look after yourself off pursuing enemies. Navigate your way back to Franklin’s house while evading or dealing with any remaining adversaries.
  • Drive the van through the Corona Ring checkpoint, which signifies the successful completion of the mission.
    Upon passing through the checkpoint, the mission concludes successfully.
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OG Kush

This section will take you through the steps to complete the third short mission named “OG Kush” to earn the in-game awards.

  1. The third and final short trip mission is called OG Kush. In this mission, Lamar, having dealt with the Vagos, aims to progress LD Organics’ business, specifically involving a weed van.
  2. Lamar wants to market the weed van with a top-notch celebrity’s help to secure funding and advance LD Organics’ business. Drive to the designated deal location where the meeting with the celebrity is set to take place.
  3. Franklin’s task is to ensure the security of the entire deal and his responsibility is to ensure that no one disrupts or interferes with the business deal during the meeting with the celebrity.
    The Vagos discover the deal and plan to retaliate by attacking to disrupt and destroy it, potentially harming Lamar and Franklin.
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  • You have to utilize a sniper rifle positioned on a crane to eliminate incoming Vagos threats and protect the deal site. Focus on taking out enemies and securing the area, especially covering the bay area.
  • Franklin covers and defends Lamar who operates on the ground level. You need to play as Lamar to defend yourself and escape from the attackers while being at ground level.
  • After the confrontation, escape in the weed van, which catches fire due to being made of weed. Despite being intoxicated, drive the burning van to Tequila-La-La.
    Lamar comes up with a unique marketing plan, using the burning van as a spectacle at Tequila-La-La. This marketing strategy aims to assist in a new era for LD Organics, gaining attention and going viral.
  • Despite the unconventional situation, the plan turned out to be a success. Everyone involved, including Franklin and Lamar, appreciates the outcome, leading to a successful mission and financial gain.
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