How to Bicycle Kick on Super League Soccer Mobile

In this guide, you will find how to do a bicycle kick in Super League Soccer Mobile on iPhone and Android mobiles.

  • First, you have to launch the Super League Soccer game, then press and hold the shoot button to get a power gauge that will appear on the screen.
  • Keep holding the shoot button until the power gauge is full.
  • While still holding down the shoot button and with the power gauge full, quickly tap on the jump button.
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  • To perform a bicycle kick in the game, position your fingers appropriately. You will need to use two fingers for this action.
  • With one finger, press and hold down the shoot button on the screen. With the power gauge full, quickly swipe your thumb from the shoot button to the jump button.
    The combination of holding down the shoot button for full power and then swiping your thumb to the jump button will trigger the bicycle kick action in the game.