How to Catch Campers Glitching at Chapter 1

This guide will let you know how you can catch campers glitching at chapter 1 – House in Roblox Piggy. 

All these glitches also work in mobile. Look at this girl.

This is how to kill the people flying in the house


To get back inside, do the same thing. You can also use this glitch to get in front of the map.

To get back in, you have to laugh at the clip though the wall.

Make your way to the bathroom.

And threaten the guy who gilitched back in.

Now you will need to type in /e dance2 in the chat (don’t enter). Walk into the wall and enter the chat to dance 2.

Same thing to get back in.

If your head get stuck, you just have to zoom in few times.

This is how glitch back in form the front of the house

This way back in is a bit difficult to do. In the chat type /e laugh and do not press enter. Hold the direction of the wall, jump then immediately enter in the chat to laugh. 

Zoom in at the farthest back of the laugh. Your head may stuck like this.

Zoom in on this side then turn like this.You just need to be carefull durin this. 


This next one is to kill people inside the shed.

You have to do the same to get back out.

Walk into the door, quickly open the chat and enter it to dance. You don’t see the part of the dance but you already know what is gonna happen. The Instructions will get out since it’s just the exact same thing as going.

To kill people behind the fence.

Type in /e dance 2 beforehand. Walk into the wall, open the chat and enter to dance 2near the wall. Zoom in at this part of the dance at the right side of the avatar.

It same thing to get back in. Something weird happened while trying to do this.

If you can fall onto a person, you can just do it from the top.

You will look cool if you do this.

Now you have to zoom in and walk into the railings with the camera slightly tilted to the left.

Move diagonally up right. Just quickly turn your camera like this to turn the corner.

Go and kill some glitchers out there.

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