How to Collect Dog Tags in Free Fire

There are two tricks to collect the Dog Tags in Free Fire. In this guide, you will find both the tricks to increase your Dog Tags in Free Fire

Table of Contents

    Trick 1 

    The first trick is to play the game in a squad with your friends and select the Classic Bermuda map in Free Fire. When the game starts, you have to land with your teammates on the place where you find red barrels. Your team has to sit around the barrel and blast it with anything to kill the whole team. Make sure to complete this process as quickly as possible, and when your squad gets eliminated from the game and gets back to the main, you will see that your dog tag has been increased.  

    And if you play with the fluid, then you will get three dog tags with this trick.

    Trick 2

    First, you will need to start the game with a clash squad on the Bermuda map and pick the good team to play in this mode. When the game starts, you have to kill yourself with grenades or get eliminated from the zone, and also your squad has to do the same. After that, you have to do this trick four times until the match ends, make sure not to kill anyone from your enemy squad, and do this trick as quickly as possible, and then you will get eight dog tags, as you can see in the menu.  

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