How to Craft Guide – Fortnite Season 6

This guide will let you know how to Craft Items in Fortnite. You have to follow the steps in this guide to craft the items and to complete the challenge.

You need to craft the items to complete the challenge. You have to look for Makeshift Items; it’s not very difficult to find them in the game. Suppose you get the Makeshift Shotgun in Fortnite. 

After taking the gun, go to the Weapons menu, and you will have a small icon on your weapon there. Press it, and it will take you to the Crafting menu. There you have different options which you can choose to craft the material on the weapon.

In Primal Shotgun, you need four bones to craft a new item.

To get the bones, you will need to go to the forest and find enough animals to get the bones from them. You have to explore the area to find them and eliminate them to get the bones. 

You get only one bone from the chicken. When you have four animal bones, you can craft the weapon and complete the challenge. 

In this way, you can Craft Items in Fortnite.

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