How to Create a Family in Grand RP GTA

This guide will let you know how to create a family in Grand RP. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions below to create it.

The first thing you will need to do is go to the government to buy a family license from the employee. It will cost 35,0000 dollars. After that, press M to go to Family, select your house, and then put your family name in.

Now you have to select your country. Now you can invite anyone into your family with G muscle where now a proper menu of the family is available. You can press M to get the option of Managing Families where you can make ranks. You can also give functions to each rank and increase or decrease other players’ ranks with this.

Now, your personal cars have also become family cars and your family members can drive them. If anyone wants to join your family, then he needs to change his name first and include your family’s name in it. It will enhance your family’s popularity. The new family is Level 1, it can only have 50 members in it and you don’t get a radio. You can increase your level by paying money.

You can buy Level 2 by paying 35,0000 dollars and then you can have up to 250 members in your family. The highest level is Level 3 where you will get a family radio, 25 rooms in the garage, and you can invite 1000 members of your family. This level costs 10 million dollars.