How to Farm Money in Reason 2 Die

This guide will let you know how you can farm loads of money in Roblox Reason 2 Die.

You are going to need the m202 or flamethrower for the high-level people. If you are new to Reason 2 Die, it is recommended to use grenades. Or something explodes or deals damage through the wood. You will also need the hammer, then go to the prison map.

Also, the tools you should use as a beginner is propane, grenade, molotov and jerry can. You will have to go in single-player for this or your VIP server. If you go to public servers, you will mostly have a chance of dying on the server.

In this guide, we are using the high-level method, which is m202 and flamethrower. Click a name on the leaderboard and press mute to mute that player.

Try to see if there are any Grenades and molotov in the health kits; you can also go to the top of the tower. 

If you are a pro and using the flamethrower, you cover the hole with a little bit of wood.

Sometimes you have to wait for the zombie to break the fence.

It is the part of the m202 and grenade and molotov part. You have to cover the hole with sandbags or wood because zombies can get more stacked up if you wait for them and can sometimes jump out of the hole.

But do not cover the hole thing with wood or sand gags when you are using the flamethrower. Get up on the building and throw your Grenade in the hole. For m202, you will have to stand on this block and hit in this area.

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