How to Fix GPU Device Lost, Game Cannot Continue Sniper Elite 5

This guide will tell you how to Fix GPU Device Lost, Game Cannot Continue in Sniper Elite 5. You have to follow the following steps to fix it.

1- To solve this problem, you have to open steam, find Sniper Elite 5, and then click on the Play button. It will take you to the in-game launcher, you need to click on the Settings button on the left of the Play button. After that, set the rendering API to Vulkan and then click on OK. It will drop some FPS as compared to DirectX12.

2- In case your problem is not fixed, then you have to click on the Start menu and type GPU. You have to open the Graphics settings and set the Add an App to the Microsoft store app. After that, click on the Browse button and then select your game from the list, it will appear under the list on the GPU page.

3- In the case of Steam, you have to set add an app to desktop apps and then again click on the browse button. Go to the place where your game is installed and if you don’t know where your game is installed, you have to open Steam, right-click on the game and then go to Manage. After that, click on browse local file, and then inside this browser, you have to copy the directory address from the top of your screen and then you have to paste it on the file browser of the settings window. After this, enter the bin folder there you will find two files you have to add both of the files one by one.

5- After adding both of these files to the list, you have to select one of them and then click on Options. You need to set it to high performance and then click on Save. After this, do the same for the other file and also set that to High performance.