How to Fix PS5 Rest Mode

This guide will tell you how to fix PS5 Rest Mode Turned Off Improperly.

1- First, go to the home screen of your PlayStation, and click on the settings button on the right side of your screen. Then select System, select HDMI from the left side and go to the HDMI device link and turn it off.

2- So, by turning off the HDMI device link, you could be turning off or on your TV, and when your PlayStation 5 is in rest mode, it could be turning off or cutting the power to your PlayStation. So try completely turning it off along with enabling one touch and enabling power offline so make sure everything is greyed out.

3- Go to the left, go on down to power shape and then go to Features available in rest mode. Go to supply power to USB ports and completely turn it off unless you’re using it to charge your controllers.

4- After three hours, it will cut the power to the USB port, however, it’s actually turning off the entire PlayStation 5 instead. So this could be a software glitch at the moment but it doesn’t seem like it’s been necessarily fixed or patched on the software end.

5- Another thing you can try is directly plug in your PlayStation 5 to the wall outlet as opposed to a surge protector or a power strip and just see if that’s the issue as well maybe your PlayStation 5 isn’t drawing enough power.