How to Fix the Crash and Freezing on PC in Overwatch 2

This guide will let you know how to fix the Crash and Freezing on PC in Overwatch 2. You will need to follow all the steps carefully to fix it. 

Verify Integrity of Game Files

First, you have to ensure that your game files are complete and dated. Also, make sure that Overwatch 2 is not running in the background and open up your launcher. After that, ensure that Overwatch 2 is selected and click on the Gear icon next to the Play button and then click on Scan & Repair. It will take a minute to redownload and replace any missing or corrupted game files. 

Game Compatibility

Now, open up your File Explorer and navigate to the drive where you saved the game: Program Files > Overwatch > beta here. Right-click the Overwatch.exe application and go to its Properties. In this window, make sure that you’re in the Compatibility tab, select Disable Fullscreen Optimizations, and apply the changes.

Display Settings.

After that, close this window, right-click your desktop, and select Display Settings. Ensure that the scaling is 100% and that you’re using a standard native resolution. In your in-game graphics settings, you need to make sure to select the window mode to Fullscreen. 

Task Manager

If the issue persists, you have to open up your Task Manager by searching it in the Start menu. In the Processes tab, stop the programs from running in the background, which could show an overlay while in-game. It could be Steam, GeForce Experience, or Discord. It would help if you end CPU-intensive processes, such as Shadowplay and Adobe Applications, but make sure to only complete the processes from running so that you know they won’t break your operating system. 

Update Graphic 

Lastly, make sure that your graphics driver is up to date. Use the GeForce Experience application if you’re using an NVIDIA GPU, but you can also use the AMD driver suite. Depending on how frequently you update your GPU, this tweak can make the most significant difference. In the Drivers tab, you have to click on Download, and the application will automatically download and install the latest driver. 

Windows Update

When this is done, search for Update to open your Check for updates system settings window. Here, click on Check for updates, and after downloading the latest OS update, make sure to restart your PC. 

Nvidia Image Scaling

If the problem is related to your system performance, you might need to lower your in-game graphics settings. If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card, enable NVIDIA Image Scaling, significantly increasing your performance. To do so, you should use the GeForce Experience application. Navigate to your GeForce settings. Here, scroll down and enable the Image Scaling option.

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