How To Get Gravity Awakening In King Legacy

In this guide, you will get to know how to get gravity awakening in King Legacy.

Gravity is the first fruit to awaken in the King Legacy and we hope we see more in future.

So we will divide the process of getting gravity awakening in 3 steps to make it easy.

On the first step, you need gravity as your fruit and gravity as fruit from, you need it in both forms.

Now you have to go to viridans.

You need gravity as fruit in the new world, so remember you can get gravity as in fruit form in two ways.

  1. By searching for it whenever fruit spawns in 30 minutes.
  2. Or by spinning money on gatcha (i got from gatcha).

Once you reach here in viridans, talk to the NPC.


The NPC will take your fruit and teleport you to a place. Where you will fight your clone.

Here you will fight your clone that has gravity awakening, so it might be a little tough but don’t worry your brain and 3 lives.

So get ready before starting.

Also this is the second step which is to fight your clone. Be sure to use everything and also haki better to not lose any life and take no risk. If you stay careful and take no risk it will be easy. In sword, use the shanks saber for best damage.

Ah there you go to the 2nd step and the battle is over.

You will be teleported back to a new world.

Now you have to go back to awake master.

Now this is the last step. The last step is to get 125 gems to unlock all moves.

These gems purchased will be permanent and you can un-equip and equip those awakening moves any time. So now just go and farm gems. It could be done by dragon (kaido) raids or normal raids.


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