How to Get a Free 100K & 50K Pack on Fifa 23 Ultimate Team

This guide will tell you how to get a free 100K & 50K PACK on FIFA 23 ULTIMATE TEAM.

First of all, you have to go to the objectives tab and then go to the Milestones tab from the top of the window. After that, navigate to Ones To Watch warmups. Under this, you will find 4 objectives. The 4th objective will give you the 50K coin pack and the D group will give you the 100K coin pak.

To complete the first objective which is the signing stars objective, you have to buy three players OFF the transfer market. It will take some time to complete all these four objectives. To complete the 2nd objective, you have to score using a bot player of the transfer market. The 3rd one is team telepathy which you have to score and then assist a player from the transfer market.

The final is finding the form, which you have to complete by winning the three matches using a player that has scored and bought from the transfer market. You can do all four objectives in the semi-pro level of the squad battles or you can do this in division rivals. You have to complete this within three to six games.

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