How to get Juicer – LEGO Fortnite

This guide will let you know how to get a juicer in LEGO Fortnite. From constructing a lumber mill to navigating various biomes, gathering materials, and mastering crafting techniques, this guide will lead you through the thrilling process of getting the juicer.

Build Lumber mill

  • You need to open up the Utility menu and navigate to the Stations section.
  • Select a Lumber mill and place it anywhere on the ground.

Use a Lumber mill to make planks

  • Now head up to the lumber mill and craft wooden plank using one wood.
  • Once done, hit the Take button to grab it.

Collect Shells from Rollers inside the cave

  • You will need to make your way to the cave in the grasslands.
  • Once you get close to the cave, press the enter button to head inside.
    You can use a torch to lighten up the area.
  • Once inside, you have to look for rollers and kill them using your sword to obtain shells.

Upgrade crafting bench

  • Now you need to upgrade the bench, go to the bench upgrade tab and click on the upgrade button at the bottom.

Craft Uncommon Axe

  • Now craft the Forest Axe on a crafting bench using three bones and three woods.
  • Repeat this procedure for another time to grab more forest axes.

Use Uncommon Axe to collect Knotroot inside of the cave

  • Open up the in-game map and go to the following location in the grassland.
  • Once you get there, head towards the cave and enter by equipping the torch to illuminate the area.
  • You need to break the vines on the wall using your pickaxe to obtain a knotroot.

Use a Lumber Mill to make Knotroot Rod

  • Go back to the lumber mill location and select the option to craft a knot root rod using knot root.
  • Once crafted, press the Take button to grab it.

Use a crafting bench to make an uncommon pickaxe

  • Now head up to the crafting bench and craft a pickaxe using three knot root rods and three bones.

Use an Uncommon Pickaxe to collect Marble

  • You need to open up the in-game map and head back to the grassland location.
  • Once you reach there, navigate towards the cave while holding a torch to illuminate the surroundings. Upon reaching the cave’s entrance, enter inside it.
  • Hit the marble using your uncommon axe. Strike it multiple times to break it into pieces and ultimately grab the marble.

Build a Stone Breaker

  • Exit the cave and open up the Utility menu. You need to select Stone Breaker from the menu.
    Now you can use it to craft granite slabs and marble slabs.

Use Stone Breaker to craft marble slab

  • Head up to the Stone Breaker and craft a marble slab using marble.
  • Once crafted, press the Take button to grab it.

Build Juicer

  • Finally, open up the Utility menu and select Juicer. After that, place it anywhere you want.
    Now you can use it to make slap juice, slurp juice, and snowberry shake.