How To Get Magic Cube Only 1 Spin Tricks In Free Fire

This guide will let you know how to get the Magic Cube only in one spin.
The first thing is that you must have no pets and don’t make any changes in the Collection. Unequip all the weapons that you have.

Navigate to the characters tab and select the character that you do not use much.

After that, navigate to Store and tap on every sub-option of the Normal and Armory tab.

Move to the “REDEEM” tab, click on MAGIC CUBE and tap on every magic cube bundle.

Tap on CUBE FRAGMENT and navigate to FF TOKEN. Then you have to exchange the token, as shown in the image below.

After that, move to GUILD TOKEN and exchange the last token on the list.

Open the settings and navigate to the “Others” tab. You will need to tap on the Clear cache button and then strike CONFIRM.

And then log out of the game.

Login back into the game and go to Lucky Royale. Tap on all the options on the left side of your screen and then go to the DIAMOND ROYALE tab.

Use one spin, and you will get the magic cube.

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