How to Get Riven Mods in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to get Riven Mods in Warframe. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to get them. 

There are only a few ways to get Ríven mods in Warframe, with some methods only being viable occasionally as opposed to others. 

One of the easier ways is to do alerts with Riven mods as rewards. Though those alerts rarely come up, you’ll only be able to get a riven from this every once in a while.

Another way you can get Riven mods is by simply buying/trading for them with other players. It is the best way since you can do it all the time, and you can pick whąt type of riven you want, melee, rifle, secondary, etc. Though, they can get very pricey if you aren’t buying a Veiled riven, so make sure you have a decent amount of plat before trading them. 

And the next way you can get Riven mods is by running and completing your daily sortie mission, as Riven mods have a chance of dropping as a common completion reward.

The last way you can get Riven mods is by buying them using Riven silvers from the vendor found on the Iron Wake on earth.

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