Valet Guide – GTA San Andreas

It is a complete guide for Valet in GTA San Andreas. You will find out everything you need to know about Valet.  

To start the valet side mission, you will need to reach the “Vank Hoff” hotel, wearing the valet uniform, after completing the mission “555 WE TIP”.

You have to reach the “Vank Hoff” hotel wearing to start the valet side mission.

Wait for a car to stop, then get in and drive it to the underground parking lot.

The better the car is parked and less damaged, the more seconds to your timer.

You must try to start the mission after raising your stamina to run faster for a longer time.

Valet mission level 2 passed.

The more time you waste in the underground parking lot, the fewer vehicles you’ll be able to park within the time limit.

You could kill one or more of the other valets, but for each kill, you’ll lose 20 seconds on the timer.

Valet mission Level 1 Passed.

Vallet Mission Level 2

Also, all killed valets will respawn after completing the current level.

To complete the mission, you have to reach and complete level 5 without ever stopping.

If you cancel or fail the mission, you will have to start over.

The reward is $100 multiplied by the level completed ($100 for Level 1,$200 for level 2, $300 for level 3, etc.)

Also, once you complete level 5, the “Vank Hoff” hotel will become an asset generating a maximum of $20,000 per day.

Valet Parking Complete.

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