How to Get the Stillsuit in Subnautica

This guide will let you know how to get the Stillsuit in Subnautica. You have to follow the simple instructions in this guide to get it.  

Starting from the coral tube sticking up out of the water, you have to make your way about two, and half bumps or 3 bumps to the right of northeast until you reach a medium-sized wreck in the bulb zone.

The two main threats you will encounter in the bulb zone is the ampeel; you will need to avoid them as best as you can. And the bone shark, you can use the perimeter defense against them or kill them using the survival knife and stasis rifle.

Starting from the coral tube, you will need to head about two bumps to the left of the northeast until you reach a large wreck in the mountains Biome.

The main threat you might encounter in the mountains is the reaper leviathan, you have to avoid them, but you can use perimeter defense if it grabs you. 

You will also face the warper, which can warp you out of your vehicle; you can do enough damage to it until it warps away, use the perimeter defense against it, or you can run away from it.

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