How To Get Unlimited Coins, Unlock Every Character & Mod Your Stats

If you want to get unlimited coins, unlock every character and mod your stats in Bowmasters, then this guide will help you out doing so. You will need Filza and Localiapstore for this purpose.

Before you start, make sure that Filza and Localiapstore are installed. Whenever you get the unlimited coins, you’ll use them to unlock every character and use Localiapstore to get the paid ones. Some characters require you to win X amount of PVP or whatever which is where modding your stats will come in.

And in case you’re not sure about “stats”, these are the numbers you’ll be modding.

Obviously, you’ll need to actually unlock some before you’re able to Mod the number. Some you’ll unlock once you’ve modded the number. (Example: Win 1 match can be modded to unlock the win 350 matches achievement)

To start, exit the game and remove it from the app switcher. Then launch the Filza (File Manager). Navigate to the Data folder. Once you’re here, just scroll down till you find the app’s name.

Click it.


Now just scroll down till you find coins.

Click number and select the number.(To reset the value).

Here you can put whatever number you want. You can always change it later. Now go back and scroll down till you find the units that start with: achievement.

You may have more units depending on how many you’ve actually unlocked in-game, but the process is the same. You’ll just go through each unit, click the number, select number, and change the value to whatever you want.

Keep in mind, you cannot change all of them to a crazy number like one million or it’ll reset the first ones back to zero. Some of the achievements require you to have like 350 wins or something like that so check the numbers in-game and mod them in Filza to match. Once you’re done, hit save then Done.

Click the little Blue Circle on the right

Scroll down to sticky and change the mask number to 0777.

Then Save and Exit out of Filza. Then launch the game. There are unlimited coins!

Now you can see the coins and unlock every character (Aside from the paid ones and such)

Again, paid characters require Localiapstore to unlock. That’s it, enjoy the game.


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