How to Improve Your Sniping | Roblox The Wild West

This guide will let you know how to improve your sniping in the Wild West roblox game.

Snipers in this game have bullet drop and travel, which means you have to aim for the farther shots. And ahead of the target when they are moving.

First tip is to buy a target dummy for $100 from any general store. Place it down and try to get used to the bullet drop. You can hold shift to steady your aim.

Challenge yourself and move farther away from the dummy. Once you feel comfortable with bullet drop then practice on bison. Try to hit them on the head.

Doing this will give you different targets at different distances.

Next, you should try to kill bison on your horse. This improves your accuracy with moving targets.

When you feel comfortable you can start sniping other players. Just remember to watch out for the backstabbers.

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