How To Make A Light Gray Dye

Light Gray Dye is used to give light gray color to glass, wool, terracotta, concrete powder, banner and shulker box.

To make light gray dye, you just need to get Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip. Please follow the following steps to make a Light Gray Dye. 

Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip  

In order to make a light gray carpet, first of all you will have to get any of the flowers among azure bluet, oxeye daisy or white tulip, so that you can use them to craft the light gray dyes. You will have to find two pieces of these flowers to make two light gray dyes from them.  

Light Gray Dye 

Go towards the crafting table to craft light gray dye using any of the collected flowers. Open up 3*3 crafting grid and add azure bluet or white tulip or oxeye daisy in any cell of the grid. You will get light gray dye in the right-side box of the crafting table. Every single flower will give you one light gray dye. Add this dye in your ready to use stock. 

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