How to Make Cannibals Kneel – The Forest

In this guide, you will get to know how to make CANNIBALS kneel or make them stay away from you. You have to follow a few steps to get to the locations where you can get the red paint pots and make it possible.

The red paint is very dominant in The Forest. It covers the player with red and keeps the CANNIBALS stay away from you. 

If you got an enormous amount of CANNIBALS, it might not work on all of them. Some CANNIBALS are still able to attack you. So it lessens the number of CANNIBALS attacking you.

There are possibly four locations from where you can get the red paint. These locations are marked below on the map. 

The first place from where you can get it is from the beach in the northwestern area. 

The second place is located to the east of the first location. There are a bunch of huts along the river. You have to stay alert from the crocodiles here. 

The third place is located in the east of the map. You will find the red paint along the cliff here.

The final location is the largest CANNIBALS village, which is located at the south of the map. You can get the red paint under the large tent.

You will be able to get the pots only one time per session. If you swim in the water, your red paint will get off the player. To get the red pots again, you have to Save the game and then Exit it. When you reload your world, you will see that all the red paint pots have been reloaded. 

You can even get the red paint pots from the caves. The caves are very dark places to go. 

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