How to Make MT in NBA 2k22

This guide will let you know how to make MT fast in NBA 2022. You will need to follow the simple steps in this guide. 

First, you need to go to the exchange, scroll to recurring and look for shoe bursts hourly. Then you’re going to put 20 shoe boosts of any color because there is no restriction for the specific color. After that, scroll down, and you have to pick your bronzes and silvers there. Now select the other one. If you’re in gold, you will make a gold shoe boost.

If you have not done this method, you will have a lot of bronzes and a lot of silver shoe boosts. To do so, you have to put shoe boost in first, but if you’re on gold like mid-range, you will keep three points for pass accuracy and defensive rebound. 

There is no need for interior defense, perimeter defense, past reception, block because these things don’t sell for anything. The ones you want to look out for are three points, and perimeter defense and acceleration speed sell for the most strength.

When you are at the 20 card limit, you have to go 20 cards: 20 silver, 20 gold, and ignore silver bronze shoe boost because you will get a diamond shoe boost. If you pull a three-point by acceleration or steal a block, interior defense and perimeter defense mainly want to hit a three-point acceleration speed perimeter defense.

So open the first one, and you can get three-point points, but there’s a chance you could get three points or get stamina which is also good because you got a free stamina diamond shoe boost. When you open the next one, you will get steel which is also good. Now go and check its price and you will see it is not too expensive.

You could sell it for three-point five thousand mt, three thousand mt, and stamina which you can deal for a thousand mt as well. If you have a bunch of gold, silver, and bronze shoe boosts and you are not using them, they will be in your collection.

You have to put them into the exchange and get those diamond shoe boots because it is the first way to make a lot of mt. The second way has to do with a game mode, and in your opinion, one of the best game modes to make it in the Draft. It is not the most fun game played from game mode to play, but if you get ten wins or 5 to 10 wins, you get 31 picks on that ascension board. You can easily earn anywhere between 10 to 20 000 mt per Draft if you use silver.

When you get the mt from the Draft and use this method on your tokens, you will get 20 to 30 tickets or 15 to 25 tokens in that range. You will be able to make a lot of mt, so the Draft is the best game mode to earn mt.

The following method is an auction house and investing in cards. So you have to invest in top-tier badges because it will give you a lot of mt and also you can rank up quickly with this method.

Method number three, the next game mode you want to play, is unlimited because unlimited is the best game mode to earn you the high amount of mt from a singular game mode. Domination is also a suitable mode because of all the tokens you get, and you can turn the tokens into mt but unlimited is still the best way to make it, especially if you want to go to the showdowns. 

Still, if you’re not going to do the showdown tier, you can only get to the pink diamond. When you advance through the pink diamond tier, you will get a lot of badges, amethyst players, and diamond contracts. You will also get so many halls of fame badges where you get one hall of fame badge for two. This method gets a lot of mt,  diamond contracts of badges, diamond players, amethyst players, and diamond shoe boosts. You can make it from the silver tier to the pink diamond tier in unlimited game mode.

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