How To Make Netherite Armor(Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots)

Netherite Armor is the most powerful kind of armor because it can resist against any kind of fire and lava. You can rely heavily on the Netherite Armor for your protection.

To create the Netherite Armor, first you need to craft the diamond armor.  You will need diamonds to craft the diamond armor. Then open up the crafting grid with 3*3 blocks. Place the diamonds according to the shape of the particular armor piece that you are going to craft. For example, to craft the diamond chestplate, you will need to place the diamonds accordingly.

Follow the same method to craft diamond legging, helmet and boots. Once you have made the complete diamond armor, now you can craft the Netherite Armor easily. Prepare up the smithing table and four pieces of netherite ingots.

Use the diamond helmet with one piece of netherite ingot to make a netherite helmet.

Put the netherite helmet in your inventory. The next armor piece we are going to craft is chestplate. Use the diamond chestplate with a piece of netherite ingot to make a netherite chestplate.

Move to the third part which is a legging. Use the diamond legging with a piece of netherite ingot to make a netherite legging.

And the final thing will be the boots. Use your diamond boots with the last remaining piece of netherite ingot to make netherite boots. 

Now you have successfully crafted the netherite armor. Wear this up in order to protect yourself from the attacks of your opponents and it will also protect you from the lava and fire

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