How to Mod Fallout: New Vegas on the Epic Games Store

If you’ve been struggling to get mods working in the Epic Games Store version of Fallout: New Vegas, then this guide is for you. The modding utilities like NVSC may not work with this version, so there is a solution for it. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll tell you how to install mods successfully by using the Steam version of the game.

Step 1: Acquiring the Steam Version

The first step is to obtain the Steam version of Fallout: New Vegas, which is compatible with various modding tools.

  • Visit the Steam website, and add the game to your cart, preferably the Ultimate Edition, which includes all the DLCs. However, it’s also possible to copy the DLCs from the Epic Games Store version if you’ve already purchased them there.
  • Proceed to purchase the game.
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Step 2: Installing Fallout: New Vegas via Steam

Once you’ve purchased the game on Steam, it’s time to install it.

  • Open your Steam library.
  • Locate “Fallout: New Vegas” in your library.
  • Click on the game to open its store page.
  • Find and click the ‘Install’ button to begin the installation process.
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Step 3: Transitioning from the Epic Games Store

Now that you have the game installed via Steam, it’s time to leave behind the Epic Games Store version.

  • Exit the Epic Games Store if it’s currently running.
  • Uninstall the Epic Games Store version of Fallout: New Vegas from your computer.

Step 4: Modding Fallout: New Vegas

With the Steam version of the game installed, you can now start modding Fallout: New Vegas.

  • Install popular modding utilities like the New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) and Mod Organizer 2. These tools will enable you to manage and install mods easily.
  • Download your desired mods from trusted sources like Nexus Mods.
  • Launch Fallout: New Vegas through Steam. In the Steam version, you can access the in-game mod manager and activate your chosen mods.

Following these steps, you can successfully install and enjoy mods in Fallout: New Vegas game on Steam.