How to Quickly Kill the Annoying Champions – Destiny 2

This guide will let you know how to quickly kill the annoying champions on the bridge in Lake of Shadows Grandmaster. 

Snare Bomb on top three Nightstalker can “Confuse” the champions if they don’t have aggro on anyone. If two champions are near the edge, they will fall after hitting them with the smoke.

The smoke bomb must hit them without getting any aggro. If one doesn’t work, you have to try a second smoke; stepping backwards as you throw the smoke is recommended but not necessary.

It is recommended to practice this at a lower difficulty to understand how to throw the smoke. You can use the overload on top to get your smoke back, but remember to keep an eye on him; you can get sniped.

When you can fully observe a champion at the edge of this platform, it’s improbable that the champion will fall with only one smoke bomb.

The overload is probably very close to the edge since it’s not in the line of sight. In this case, the overload will be the only one that dies.

You always have to throw the smoke without getting aggro (don’t look at them directly). The likelihood of killing with a second smoke is a lot higher.

Legend difficulty has only one unstoppable, While Master has both Unstoppable and Overload.

When the champion is not in your line of sight, you can take advantage of it.

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