Timepunk Co-Op: How To Play Multiplayer

Aden Interactive created Timepunk, an action game. In the game, you begin as a future hero trapped in the past with a portal gun surrounded by dinosaurs. But don’t worry; you can harvest their matter and travel across time using your futuristic inventions and armaments. Investigate many eras, like the Middle Ages and World War II, and decide whether you wish to avert or trigger historical events. Timepunk is a fascinating blend of action-packed gameplay, time travel, and rogue-like aspects.
If you are looking to start a split Screen Co-op Timepunk with other players, you have come to the right place.

Split Screen

Follow the steps below to play Timepunk with other players on a shared screen. 

  1. Connect your controllers: 

Make sure to connect all the controllers to the gaming device. 

  1. Select “Start”: 

After that, tap the “Start” option from the game’s main menu.

  1. Join the game: 

The controller players need to press the right stick to join the game. Each player will be assigned a character.

  1. Play the game: 

The players can work together to progress through the levels by defeating enemies and completing challenges.

  1. Communication: 

Players can use voice chat to discuss strategies and coordinate their movements.