How To Solve Rpcs3 booting Failed The Selected file or folder is invalid or Corrupted Error

In this guide, you will find out how to solve Rpcs3 booting Failed The Selected file or folder is invalid or Corrupted Error.

ISO Tools

1- This Error mostly comes when you have a PKG file, ELP, or wrap file for your rpcs3. If you have a folder format game, convert it to an ISO format.

2- Click on the following link to download ISO conversion tools.

3- Once the tool is downloaded, unzip the files, go into the ISO Patcher folder, and open the PS3 ISO Pacther. Now select the ISO file by clicking on the select button. Select the IRD image file and click on the Patch button.

4- After this, open the rpcs3 and then play the game in your rpcs3. For this, click on the open button at the top left corner of the Rpcs3 window, go to the location where your game is installed, and select the game.

5- Once the game is added, copy the game’s serial number.

6- Now open the IRD files folder and ensure that your game serial number and IRD file serial number are the same.

7- After that, open the Patcher select the ISO file first, and then select the right IRD file whose serial number is the same as the game’s serial number. Click on the patch button. To get the IRD file, open your browser and type ps3 IRD file.

8- Once the patching is done, then go to 3K 3y ISO tool and click on ISO crypto at the top left corner of the ISO tool window. Select the ISO file you want to decrypt and wait until the decrypting process completes.

9- Once this completes, close the ISO tool, and a new decrypted ISO file will be added to your game folder. Now, your issue is fixed.