How to Survive the First Night – The Forest Beginner’s Guide

This brief guide will let you know how to survive your first night in The Forest. Go through the guide and follow all the steps carefully to survive. 

When the plane crashes in the forest, you need to pick up everything from the aircraft and eat all of the food trays to help you gain more stamina. You also need to ensure that your player stats are complete; you can also check your health on the bottom right side of the screen, as shown in the image below.

After picking up all of the stuff from the plane, you need to get out and break every suitcase you find outside the aircraft and grab valuable things from them. After that, you have to set up a new treehouse. Treehouse is helpful for the beginner’s base because it will give you a safe point, and you will be living above the ground without any danger.

To build a treehouse, you will need to open your diary and go to the elevated section. There you will have different styles of treehouses, so you have to develop the first tree house because it is more secure than anyone else, and also it will provide you with a long view of the forest, as shown in the image below. 

After that, use the cloth you collected from the suitcases to make a rope, and then add it to the treehouse. Now you have moved forward and cut down many trees for the treehouse. You also need to make the spear and hunt down the deer. You can easily find them around the area, and also they will give you a great source of food.

The deer is a four-piece of generic meat, and you can use it for a week as well. If you can’t find any animals, you have the snacks you get from the plane, so you don’t have to worry about the food initially.

When you cut down the trees, you will see that you’re thirsty on the bottom right corner of the screen, so you have to drink some soda. Once you build the base, you need to find some sticks cut down the small plants; it will give you two wooden sticks, as shown in the image below.

The next thing you will need is to collect the sticks and return them to your base. When you are inside your treehouse, you need to make a new drying rack, so you have to open your book and go to the food section, and there you will find the Drying Rack.

You have to place it on the corner of the treehouse and put meat on it, which you get from the deer. You have to wait until the meat dries up and becomes neat so that you can carry them in your inventory, and also, you can travel with this meat.

And you can quickly eat it without cooking it on fire as well. If you spawned in an area where there are no deer, then you have to hunt lizards, squirrels, rabbits, and also you can use fish as a meal.  

Now you have to make a water skin using two deer skins and one rope, and when you craft it, you will have the waterskin, as shown in the image below. 

The water you find in the area is not pure, and if you directly drink it, it will poison you. So you first have to use sodas and alcohol, then if there is no water left, you can drink polluted water. You have to find a clean water source in the area to survive.

Now you have to go inside your treehouse and make a fire on the corner of the house, there you have to place some generic meat on the fire, and after that, you can eat them which will provide you more health and stamina. To eat it from the fire, you have to press the E button, as shown in the image below. 

If you find any cannibals, you don’t have to leave your treehouse because they are strong, and you don’t have enough weapons to kill it, so you have to avoid it as much as you can on your first night. To sleep in the treehouse, you need to look at the point where you want to sleep and then press the Z button, as shown in the image below. 

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