How to Triangulate Stronghold in Minecraft

In this guide, you will come to know how to execute the Triangulation method to get to the stronghold. You have to follow a few steps explained in the guide to get there, and it will help you out for sure.  

Triangulation is the quickest method to judge the distance and location of the stronghold. So the concept of Triangulation is that you have to throw two Ender Eyes at different locations to form a triangle. Then calculate the distance to the stronghold.  

First, you need to go through the speedrun or Blind Travel, which increases your chance of getting spawned near a stronghold. Once you get spawned, now throw an Ender Eye using the F3 key. Note down the angle that you are facing and remember it.

Now turn either to the right or left to 90 degrees and make five sprint jumps to run about 20 blocks and throw another Ender Eye.

Now again, take a note of the angle you are facing and remember it. Now, after you get two angles, you have to compute a difference between them. So, in that case, the difference is 2.5 ish or 2.5 degrees.   

You will need to compare it to the given chart and determine the estimation of the blocks you are away from the stronghold

You can see this from the image below.

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