How to TURN ON or OFF Aim Assist in FORTNITE for 100% STRENGTH

This guide will tell you how to TURN ON or OFF Aim Assist in FORTNITE for 100% STRENGTH. You have to follow the steps to turn On Aim Assist.

1- It is not difficult to adjust the strength of the aim assist in Fortnite. There might be a glitch where it is actually turned off, so you need to turn it on manually by pressing options and going to settings. After that, navigate to the controller options and scroll down to Use Advanced Options under Sensitivity.

2- It will provide you with additional fine-tuning of look and aim sensitivities, you have to go to the right with the d-pad and turn it on. You will get this advanced warning that if you change anything here, then this might have a negative impact on your aim.

3- You have to scroll down until you find “Aim Assist Strength” and set it to 100. It will make sure you have the maximum amount of aim assist. Now you have to make sure that the aim assist is turned ON Otherwise, it won’t be applied so now you have to press triangle and save the settings.

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